Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Searching for the Right Core Workout Online

Sifting through all the information on core strength training to find the right workout online can be exhausting. And once you find what seems to be a good workout, how do you know it includes the proper stability, ball, and lower back exercises that work for your goals? Since core movements incorporate the proper use of all the muscles of the trunk, not only using your abs but also activating all the muscles that stabilize the spine, hips, and pelvis, they are generally effective for all fitness goals. But, clarifying which exercises are focused on what goals will help you when searching for the right core workout online.

Core Stability Exercises

Core stability exercises are movements that challenge you to engage your core and stabilize the spine by using the core musculature to hold the neutral position (neutral spine). These exercises are often isometric, meaning you hold yourself in one position for a given period of time, but can also include concentric and eccentric movements. If your goal is to improve balance and overall athletic performance, core stability exercises will be an important part of your fitness program because they teach you how to hold your hips, pelvis, and spine in the neutral position and engage the abs to improve balance during single leg movements.

Examples of Core Stability Exercises:

Crunches using a stability ball
Isometric squat using dynadiscs or a bosu ball
Back Strengthening Exercises

Core strength training is also a recommendation for those focused on strengthening the back, specifically the lower back. In fact, lower back strength is often a natural by-product of the right core strength training routine. If exercises are performed safely and properly, they will cause your abs to stabilize the spine and alleviate undue stress on the lower back. This in turn will allow you to strengthen glutes and hamstrings which will also alleviate pressure from the lower back.

Examples of Back Strengthening Exercises:

Hip Lift (also known as supine bridge)
If you've been doing online searches for a core strength training workout, you probably already know it's an effective component for almost any type of fitness goal, offering variety, and progressively challenging movements and fun. The examples and explanations I've used here are just a basic introduction to what you might find when searching for a core strength training workout online. Incorporate these exercises and more into your specific goals and you'll notice a huge improvement! Good Luck!

Jes Reynolds is a NSCA - cpt who trains individuals both one on one and online. She is passionate about helping people reach thier highest abilities in the realm of health, fitness, and nutrition. Since the web has so much fitness information, this includes helping people find the workout online and figuring out how it can be used to reach their personal fitness goals.